2018 Programme

Risk Japan 2018 Conference 

6 June 2018, Tokyo 




Welcome remarks


Keynote address: Latest development in global financial regulations and domestic implementation 

Shunsuke Shirakawa,  Vice Commissioner for International Affairs, Japan Financial Services Agency


Presentation: Non-financial risk management in the age of dynamic supervision 

  • Post AMA operational risk management
  • Global supervisory focus on non-financial risk
  • The way to systematically manage non-financial risk along with risk appetite 

Tsuyoshi Oyama, Partner, Head, Center for Risk Management Strategy, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC


Panel discussion: Preparation for the new race in 

  • Implications of Standardised Approaches and Capital Floors on Japanese banks
  • Assessing the effect of NSFR and LCR
  • Strategies in optimising balance sheet, capital position and risk-return profile 
  • Latest development in the Basel Committee's regulatory efforts
  • Industry concern in implementation gap across different jurisdictions
  • Challenges for regional markets and what works best for Asia

Shiro Katsufuji, Director, Center for Risk Management Strategy, DELOITTE TOUCHE TOHMATSU LLC

Tsuyoshi Hirano, Managing Director, Group Risk Management Department, NOMURA HOLDINGS INC.
Tadashi Itagaki, General Manager, Risk Management Division, THE NORINCHUKIN BANK
Taizo Makino, Managing Director, Government and Regulatory Affairs Office, MITSUBISHI UFJ FINANCIAL GROUP INC.


Coffee Break


Presentation: Supply chain effects on credit risk management

  • Supply chain linkages and default risks
  • One Belt One Road - potential impact on the unrated universe
  • Where are the hotspots in Asia if a trade war breaks out?

Michelle Cheong, Director, Credit Solutions, S&P GLOBAL MARKET INTELLIGENCE


Presentation: Margin Value Adjustment and adjoint differentiation

  • Requirements in computation of future sensitivities along simulated scenarios in MVAs
  • Application of the adjoint differentiation method with the
  • Algorithmic Exposure approach based on the Least Squares Monte Carlo simulation
  • Illustrative numerical example

Dr Ping Sun, SVP of Financial Engineering, NUMERIX




Insurance panel: Outlook on ERM in changing business models and environment

  • Business impact and ERM enhancement due to emerging risks such as climate change and cyber threat and so on
  • Assessing upcoming focus in ERM including the challenge and opportunity by the digital revolution

Shigeyuki Goto, Director, Center for Risk Management Strategy, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC

Yasuhisa Watanabe, Vice President, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Risk Officer, RGA REINSURANCE COMPANY
Koji Takahashi, General Manager, Risk Management Department, SOMPO HOLDINGS, INC
Satoru Yamaguchi, General Manager of Enterprise Risk Management, AXA LIFE INSURANCE JAPAN


Presentation: Margin Value Adjustment and adjoint differentiation

  • Outlook on regulatory development and industry challenges in managing risks and costs
  • CVA implementation practices
  • Reviewing sources of XVA
  • Optimising funding and capital resources

Satoshi Kumeta, Director, Fixed Income Currency and Commodity (FICC) Department, DAIWA SECURITIES


Presentation: Multi-Curve and the end of LIBOR

  • Evolution of the risk free curves - from LIBOR to OIS
  • Multi-curve best practice
  • The end of LIBOR

Dr Ping Sun, SVP of Financial Engineering, NUMERIX


Coffee Break


Presentation: Identification of risks in the age of Fintech

  • Outlook on a more connected, fast-changing and higher automated global financial market enabled by Fintech
  • Underlying risks of being "Too complex" and "Too fast"
  • Challenges for central banks and financial regulators
  • Examples of emerging new tools from the tech world

Yutaka Soejima, Deputy Director-General, Head of FinTech Center, Payment and Settlement Systems Department


Chief Economist roundtable: Assessing the BOJ's monetary policy under the new management

  • What are the top emerging risks facing Japanese economy?
  • What is the outlook on price developments and BOJ's YCC/ ETF buying policies?
  • Interaction with expansionary fiscal policies
  • How political and geopolitical risks should be assessed via stress scenarios?Moderator: Naoyuki Haraoka, Executive Managing Director, JAPAN ECONOMIC FOUNDATION

Naoyuki Haraoka, Executive Managing Director, JAPAN ECONOMIC FOUNDATION
Yukio Egawa, Chief Strategist, Head of Research Division, SHINSEI SECURITIES
Koichi Kurose, Chief Economist, Chief Market Strategist, Asset Management Division, THE RESONA BANK
Dr Hiromichi Shirakawa, Managing Director, Vice Chairman/ Chief Economist, Japan, CREDIT SUISSE


Closing Remarks and End of Conference


Evening Cocktail Reception